Gwenn ha du: Les Histoires Duchemin 3 Original Soundtrack is an intended compilation of songs and background music for Les Histoires Duchemin 3. All tracks are currently performed and written by troisnyx*.

The album gets its title from Gwenn ha Du, who make their first appearance in the series starting from Les Histoires Duchemin 3.


This list is non-exhaustive, and shall be changed when ideas are added. The tracks are arranged in their order of appearance.

  1. Warisan
  2. Lumine - Anthem
  3. Lumine - Theme
  4. Françaix
  5. Duchemin
  6. Fountain of Life
  7. In Black and White
  8. Sylvain
  9. Kemerdekaan Sejati
  10. Warisan ~ REPRISE

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