Sorry, but this Wiki has been discontinued and is being dismantled.
You are welcome to look around, but the information contained herein is obsolete and most no longer relevant to the project. Please refrain from making edits, as the wiki is being dismantled at this time.

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Kindly note that the amount of editors allowed in to help out is restricted, as this work is not in the public domain, and cannot be reprocessed or calqued at will. If you wish to be part of our team and you are willing to adhere to the policy, please contact our Staff. Note that the game material is itself copyrighted, and this, like other wikis, is merely a collection of reference materials on a copyrigighted work allowed under fair use laws.

Les Histoires Duchemin Wiki has 153 articles since August 2010!

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The Black Journal

Les Histoires Duchemin wiki is being dismantled and abandoned by its creators. Please respect their decision and do not ask that it be preserved. 18.8.2010: Les Histoires Duchemin Wiki sports a snazzy new layout!

13.8.2010: The wiki reaches the mark of 100 articles!

10.8.2010: Christoph Schrader, co-writer of Les Histoires Duchemin, becomes the wiki's first administrator.

2.8.2010: Les Histoires Duchemin Wiki is set up!

Roll Call

Sybil and Aimee Cosmos

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