A Mortmain, lit death-hand, is a creature of shadow that appears to serve the Zeitgeist Czernobog, and which may also be summoned and controlled by the Ankoù, a failed attempt at resurrecting the black time-soul. The singular and plural forms are both rendered as Mortmain, not Mortrmains, as the term refers to the enemies as a mass rather than its individual members, which may be called by any number of names.

They appear to be analogous to the light-based Antinaissance, which appear in the service of the Zeitgeist Bjelobog. It is not known what the servants of the Zeitgeist Erlkonig are, or if it is capable of summoning any whatsoever.

The Mortmains are deployed only when the Zeitgeist is searching for a target. In The Tale of Ani Suring, the Mortmains summoned by Ankoù searched and destroyed several locations throughout Sauveterre, including the residence of Aimée Duchemin in Lumine, as they knew that their main target was moving from place to place. However, during the events of The National Service Journal, the Mortmains were concentrated mainly in Point-Neuf, particularly in the camp area, where Aimée stayed for 82 days.

As the age of Czernobog declines and that which may be presided over by either Bjelobog or the Erlkonig, a larger number of Antinaissance compose generic enemy numbers and the number of mortmain slowly decreases. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.