Summoning is a form of magic in which a character detects a leftover sentiment attached to a treasured object of some sort, which may then be drawn out for aid in various situations. Characters with greater capacity for empathy are shown to be stronger summoners than those who do not.

Among the player characters, Aimée Duchemin is shown to be the strongest summoner, followed by Erroll de Wardes, and finally Sylvain Dieudonné. Each character has an unique summoning style, with Aimée allowing the sentiment to take her place in battle, Erroll working in close partnership with the summon, and Sylvain's summons taking a purely supporting role in battle.

List of Known SummonsEdit


Assisting Summons

  • Soldat
  • Volontaire
  • Appelé

Elemental Summons

Friends' Sentiments

  • Sybil -- Lightning
  • Llyr -- Water, Ice
  • Laura -- Fire
  • Sylvain -- Earth, Shadow
  • Erroll -- Wind, Light, Healing


Elemental Summons

  • Ouverture -- Wind
  • Sarabande -- Fire
  • Menuet -- Healing
  • Courante -- Water
  • Rigaudon -- Earth
  • Fugue -- Ice
  • Ritornello -- Time
  • Opera -- Lightning
  • Sinfonia -- Shadow
  • Fantasia -- Light
  • Passion -- Neutral


  • Oratorio -- Reveals dragon's talons, claws, and tail
  • Masque -- Reveals dragon's talons, claws, tail, wings, and horns.
  • Virtuoso -- Full transformation.



  • Wulf
  • Cougyr
  • Mynkey
  • Tyglon
  • Beyr
  • Lyon
  • Tyger
  • Lyger
  • Chimera


  • Erroll's summons, as the summons common to members of Echo Company, are all named for Baroque musical terms. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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