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The National Service Journal Original Soundtrack is an intended compilation of background music tracks and theme songs from the first episode in the series, The National Service Journal.

The idea was conceived and the tracks written by troisnyx*.


  1. Dans Ces Feuilles
  2. In The Land of the Free - Single Version
  3. In The Land of the Free - Instrumental Version
  4. Subservience
  5. Kan-ha-diskan
  6. Françaix
  7. Le meilleur don
  8. Character Building - Fanfare
  9. Character Building - Theme
  10. Let The Games Begin!
  11. J'apprends
  12. Sylvain
  13. Récuperation d'espoir
  14. Duchemin
  15. Reflets sur l'eau
  16. Sky High
  17. Lumine
  18. Préssentiment I
  19. The Road to the Light
  20. Senior Ref
  21. Tension on the Seas
  22. Victoire
  23. Tatienne
  24. Préssentiment II
  25. Préssentiment III
  26. Nuit de Paix
  27. Audace
  28. Heroes of the Realm - Epilogue

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